Car Finance

Found a car for sale that you want?

  • Choose a car from any dealer or ask us to find one
  • Refinance your existing car
  • Finance the balloon payment
  • All cars are HPI Clear
  • Over 40 years experience in the motor trade
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Van Finance for new vans

Van Finance for new vans

Do you need a new van?

Ask us for a quote for leasing a new van or other commercial vehicle

we are usually hard to beat on price for leasing a new van!

we can have ply lining, conversions & accessories fitted to the vehicle before it is delivered

Asset Finance

Asset Finance

Operating Lease
An operating lease is particularly attractive to companies that continually update or replace equipment. An operating lease usually results in the lowest payment of any financing alternative.

Finance Lease
A finance lease is a full-payout agreement that can not be cancelled, in which the lessee is responsible for maintenance, taxes and insurance. The term of a finance lease tends to be longer, often covering the useful life of the equipment.

Sale and Leaseback
Sale and leaseback allows a company to raise money from the sale of assets, while retaining use of them.

Maintenance Inclusive Agreements
This agreement provides your customer with ‘one monthly payment’ that incorporates the equipment cost as well as any maintenance/service fees over the period of the agreement Continue reading