Finance Lease

Finance Lease for greater freedom

Our Finance Lease arrangements lets you use the equipment you need without having to buy it outright.

You pay us rent for the full use of it. The rental period (the primary lease term) is flexible and can be tailored to your usage needs and cash flow. During this period, you will pay us the full cost of the asset, including interest.

Then, when you reach the end of the primary lease term you can choose to:

  • continue to use the asset by entering a secondary rental period
  • sell the asset and keep a portion of the income from the sale
  • return it to us

Benefits of Finance Lease

  • Low initial outlay – Quick access to the asset you need without a heavy upfront investment
  • Flexibility – Rental payments and lease periods can be designed to match your cash flow
  • Cash back – Receive most of the income from selling the asset if you choose to do so at the end of the lease
  • Tax efficient – Rentals can usually be offset against pre-tax profits
  • Reduce costs – Reclaim VAT on rentals